Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Burlington Voted!

The results for Burlington are here.

It was a clean sweep for the Democratic candidates.

I was, of course, following the Justice of the Peace races, since I'd campaigned for my friend and independent candidate, Owen Mulligan. He came in thirty-fourth. There were forty-two candidates for fifteen spots. Fourteen Democrats and one Republican (Kurt Wright - state rep in the New North End ) got elected. Name recognition helped, then. But my guess is that the voters (if they bothered to flip the ballot over and choose) just went on the Democratic bandwagon and checked off for those candidates, with narry a thought. Sure, there were some Democratic voters who voted for Owen, but if they also voted for their party's candidate, that pretty much negated a vote for Owen. He was the only independent candidate who campaigned... on diversity. It's a shame that didn't happen in the results.


  1. Thanks for posting the link to the results. I couldn't find it this morning.

  2. Thank you for posting the results--I do not buy the Free Press and had not seen them. Too bad about Owen Mulligan--my family and a few of our friends voted for him too (I told them to vote exclusively for him so the vote would count more). He was very helpful--and I liked his hand-out that one of his friends delivered to the door. It was the first I had heard of him, so the door-to door contact works!It provided needed information about when you could vote and how to get registered. He should keep trying--I recognized many of the names on that long list of candidates and I think you are right about name recognition.


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