Sunday, February 15, 2009


PRESS-TELEGRAM Long Beach, CA:-- A man running naked on a quiet Lakewood street died after sheriff's deputies shocked him with a Taser gun, authorities said Sunday.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputy Art Spencer said Lakewood deputies responded to a disturbance call in the 5700 block of Silva Street at 10:15 p.m. Saturday.

Spencer said deputies found a "very large" man running naked in the street and acting irrationally.

Deputies tied to calm the man but he remained belligerent, Spencer said. When he advanced at them in a threatening manner, Spencer said deputies used pepper spray and at least one Taser stun gun to subdue him.

Shortly after the man was handcuffed, deputies realized he was not breathing and began to administer CPR, Spencer said. The man, whose identify has not been released, was pronounced dead at a hospital.


  1. I don't get why you tag this "police abuse." It's clear that you didn't even bother to consider the FACTS of this incident in your rush to judgment. By all means, don't allow the facts sway your opinion about the world...I'm sure it's much for convenient for you to make everything fit nice and tidy into your preconceived narrow perspective.

  2. People just don't have a clue only a guess!!

    You know I have been trying to find the words to respond to some of these comments because NO ONE knows what happened and everyone is just speculating... At least no one but me! I had to witness my fiance get killed by the Lakewood Police Officers and not once did I see him advance toward them in any threatening manner. I pleaded with the police to not harm him and just to over power him with the 30+ officers and emergency workers that were there. I don't know what exactly caused his breakdown but I do know that the only thing he was on was some cold medicine that he was taking. Yes he was a big guy but c'mon now... The police can't only be trained to take someone down if they are 5'3" weighing 150 lbs. He was unnarmed and confused. He was running the streets looking for me when I was standing right in front of him. Everyone who seen or read about the event can assume what they want but when you witness with your own eyes a loved one who is defensless taken down by the police, yelling for more tasers and then seconds later requesting CPR then come talk to me. He was tased with a minimum of 4 tasers and you want to tell me that the police didn't kill him!!!


  3. Pepper spray and Taser! This is lazy violent police work, if someone honestly thinks deputies are doing everything right when a naked man dies during arrest then you have internalised the police state and are a submissive herd animal sleepwalking into slavery.

  4. Anonymous #1: Tasers are lethal weapons/mobile electrical torture devices now being issued to most police under the veil of them being ‘non-lethal,’ which we can see clearly from the Lakewood incidence/story that they are not.

    A lot of questions remain about what happened in Lakewood:

    Police are increasingly using them with impunity. There are no consequences, not for them: they have way too much power. And whose word can we believe? Clearly not witnesses, as mentioned by the comment by Anonymous #2.

    I've blogged about their use before:


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