Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LOCAL: Burlington is painting the town yellow & white

This morning I received this notice from Burlington PD (emphasis mine):

Burlington Department of Public works will paint lines on the following streets starting at midnight Thursday June 04, 2009. Vehicles parked in the path of the painters will be towed and left at another location and receive a $100.00 ticket.

Park St - east side, Manhattan to Sherman
N Champlain St - east side, Pearl St to Manhattan Dr
East Ave - East side, Carrigan Dr to Colchester Ave
Mansfield Ave - West side, North St to Colchester Ave
N Willard St - west side, North St to Pearl St
S Willard St - west side, Pearl St to Main St
St Paul St - west side, Howard St to Shelburne Rd
S Willard St - west side, Cliff St to Shelburne Rd
S Winooski Ave - west side, Maple St to Howard St
N Winooski Ave - west side, Decatur St to North St
N Winooski Ave - west side North St to Grant St, meter spaces from Grant to Pearl St

COMMENT: Sarcasm alert - I am glad the city has let us know that the ticket charge has risen from $70 to $100. Although property taxes are due to rise again, DPW has found a way to pay for that paint!

(Photo attribution, with thanks to zen [Flickr]. Some rights reserved.)

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