Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't mess with Helena Cobban

The Weekly Standard's Goldfarb smears Helena Cobban (one of the best journalists and analysts on contemprary ME affairs) and she replies to the assault.
So here's the thing that Michael Goldfarb and people of his ilk really don't seem to understand: For the vast majority of the people on God's earth today, Palestinians are just as fully human as Jewish people, and just as deserving as Jewish people of our compassion and our understanding.

That, it seems to me, is the true value of the "human rights" approach to world affairs. To understand that no one bunch of people, however described-- "Jewish", or "Arab", "American", "Burmese", "Georgian", "Muslim", or even "Quaker"-- is deserving, at a deep level, of any more deep human concern than any other people. To understand that all "peoples", as such, have made wonderful and distinctive contributions to the expression of full human flourishing, and that--even more importantly-- all human persons, whichever of these groups they self-affiliate with, are equally deserving of our concern and our objective judgment regarding their actions.


  1. Dear Blazing, just came across your blog while searching for info. on Helena Cobban.
    She is the person in charge of allowing Hizb-ut-Tahrir to use Friends House in London for their anti-semitic, anti-Israel, anti-democratic diatribes.
    Where would Palestinian gays go if Israel was not there to receive them, after they receive abuse and are murdered because of their homosexuality, in Arab/Muslim countries? That is just one aspect of Israeli democracy. Also the fact there are Arabs in the Knesset and Arabs in the judiciary. There is freedom for people of all faiths, unlike say, Egypt and Pakistan who treat Christians as second-class citizens and murder them with impunity.
    In order to test this out, I suggest you send one openly gay friend to Israel and one to Jordan/Egypt/Syria etc., and see what happens. Israel is totally superior to all Arab/mozlem countries: just like Germany,USA,Canada,Italy etc. are superior to those countries! And I have not even got onto the subject of women's rights.
    Please don't be offended; I would like you to think about this, as the truth often offends.

  2. Dear Juniper in the Desert, Thanks for visiting BI.

    'Most Israeli LGBTQ groups, Israeli academic institutions, Israel support groups worldwide, whether officially part of the ‘Brand Israel’ campaign or not, are often supporters complicit in the Israeli war crimes, and the effort to pinkwash these crimes and should be boycotted.'


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