Thursday, July 28, 2011

God Will Be Mocked

Since the tragic murders last Friday in Norway, there've been a lot of blame and accusations thrown about. Loads of speculation about what/who made Breivik do what he did. Was it from the left or right?; Is he Christian or not. Is he a terrorist or some deranged whacko? I don't always like Jon Stewart's humor, especially after what happened in Norway, his schtick on his show can be taken as bit crass and insensitive, but even Stewart made some important observations regarding Breivik's Christian zeal and how the right-wing pundits have tried to disconnect his faith from his massacre.

The above title is from an addendum to a post by Doug at his blog, Counterlight's Peculiars.
God Will Be Mocked.

The people who truly mock God are not the people who don't conform to whatever template we make for them. The people who mock God are those who kill and harm, or who advocate harm in any form, to those created in His image. People like Anders Breivik and people who have similar sympathies spit in God's face just as surely as did the soldiers on that first Good Friday.

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