Thursday, December 14, 2006

Texas is a whole other country

AP wire story/Texas child suspended after hugging aide - WACO, Texas - School administrators gave a 4-year-old student an in-school suspension for inappropriately touching a teacher's aide after the pre-kindergartner hugged the woman.

A letter from La Vega school district administrators to the student's parents said that the boy was involved in "inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment" after he hugged the woman and he "rubbed his face in the chest of (the) female employee" on Nov. 10.

Read about this story today on TalkLeft.

La Vega ISD is located near Waco.

Well, the boy's father has filed a complaint. - DaMarcus Blackwell, the father of the boy who attends La Vega Primary School, said he filed a complaint with the district. He said that his son doesn't understand why he was punished.

Updated story from the WacoTrib: Media frenzy doesn't daunt accused child's parents - Officials first called the incident, “inappropriate physical behavior interpreted as sexual contact and/or sexual harassment,” later changing the offense to “inappropriate physical contact” after DeMarcus Blackwell filed a complaint, according to a subsequent letter from the district. A request for an apology also was denied, the letter stated.

Blackwell said changing the name of the offense isn’t enough. On Monday, he filed a level-two complaint with the district, which eventually could put them in front of the district school board.

“This has to do with justice,” Blackwell said. “This is about justice for my 4-year-old child.”

Last summer, you all might recall an art teacher's suspension because 5th graders saw nude sculptures on a field trip to a Dallas museum.

Only in Texas (that's why I left the state six years ago) - crazy!

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