Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Execution - Brought to Account?

Breaking News: Saddam 'executed in Iraq'

This all reminds me of the Live Hanging sketch in The Day Today, with the 1950's commentator in his suit:

"And yes, yes... the lights have gone out... it's a good clean drop!"
"There's the hanging. Well done, well done. They'll be pleased with that."

Considering how much the US interfered and 'helped' them with their new constitution, the fact this trial was conducted under that new constitution, and the fact defence lawyers were killed, the judge changed on the orders of the Government, there's loads of reasons to disagree with it as well as the obvious moral issues.

Execution is a nice convenient word for murder by so called legal means.

Also convicting someone of state-sanctioned murder, and then punishing them with state-sanctioned murder is hardly a good start for a new democracy!

It's just going to make things worse, and divide the country more.

And it's frankly laughable to talk about Iraq's rights as it's own country after we invaded a sovereign state!


  1. Did you see a picture or video clip of the hanging? It was performed by a bunch of guys in ski masks. Ski Masks! How very legitimate.

    So the thug-in-cheif, having done so much coke he can no longer achieve erection, gets his Texas-Justice Jollies for Christmas by stringin' up Saddam, 40 years an asset of the CIA. Sickening!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Haik. You got it.

    I refused to look at the videos of the asphyxiation floating around the 'net.

    I liken it to the days in the 1920's-30's when American families would pack a picnic lunch and go watch a lynching out in the woods. That kind of mentality is reprehensible.

    Also I find it interesting that the Saddam hanging was held at the start of Eid, to celebrate the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca for Muslims). What I didn't know: usually a sheep is slaughtered at the start of the festival.

  3. Hey JayV. Nice post, as usual. I put my take on the Saddam lynching up at

    I'm wondering where the outrage is from our elected officials. This just seemed so over the top outrageous that SOMEONE in the Dem majority would speak out against it. I haven't heard a peep, though.

    Happy New Year.


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