Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The Progressive Wanker, in a desperate attempt to woo disaffected Democrats, will run as an independent in November. Even running as a Prog, Pollina would have got maybe 10% of votes? The Progressive Party of Vermont has been in demise-mode for a while, but this is the death knell par excellence. I'll have to get out to Battery Street to see if the Pollina sign is still out in front of Prog headquarters. If he's collected all those signatures as the Prog candidate, you bettah believe it he'll have to start all over again. GMD has some theories behind his political flip-flop.
I still won't vote for him.


  1. You would if he looked like Owen.

  2. If the Progre$$ive Party loses its ballot access over this, we can only respond to the end of Prog power by saying (with MLK):
    THANK GOD...
    -Patrick Stanton

  3. Patrick, something is afoot. Tim Ashe is on the ballot as a Democratic candidate for Chittenden County state senator. Fucking opportunists, the whole lot. And Anthony P came out in support of Obama after he caved in on FISA.

  4. Actually, you have the timing wrong but what would we expect from you?

    Stanton: you're right. everything is the Progressives' fault. Gosh, if only you could be King. Everything would be so much better. But thank you. We're all so grateful.

    Opportunists? Your whole bunch is known for "click here to contribute". Get a job for god's sake.

  5. Well, Ashe is out, also...! He once told me that he was not partisan when it came to the Progre$$ives; now we see why. Well, its back to Ward Bosses and old Democratic politics, which is another fight we must undertake. (To the monarchist critic on the last post: always sign your name if you stand by your words...)

  6. (To the monarchist critic on the last post: always sign your name if you stand by your words...)

    Indeed, to establish an ethic of transparency I prefer commentators, even Anonymous ones, to make posts under their real names.


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