Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The request via my local Front Porch Forum:

The Burlington Lead Program (BLP) needs your help! Enrollment for BLP services has skyrocketed over the past several months and households undergoing Lead-Hazard Reduction activities require short-term housing during the lead-hazard reduction work. Since most of the tenants that we serve live in the Old North End and do not have access to private transportation, we decided to rent an apartment to provide safe and convenient housing for low-income families.

We will need to furnish this unit over the next few weeks and are asking for anyone who is willing to donate household items to contact us. Among other things, we will be needing beds, a pull-out sofa, a kitchen table and chairs (to name just a few). Any funding we don't need to spend on furnishings, is money that can be continued to be put towards making our community safer through outreach, education and Lead-Hazard Reduction activities.

We greatly appreciate the community's continued support in our efforts to make Burlington a lead-safe community. If you can donate any home furnishings, please contact us at 865-LEAD.

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