Saturday, May 30, 2009

Those damned... Holy Homosexuals

Sure, this is a brilliant send-up the conservative Anglican archbishop of Sydney. Not all Anglicans are like him, may God be thanked. Notice in the video how he very conveniently pulls out his bible to find the the Word of God. (At the risk of being rude, that's a lot of baggage to carry around.) But, as Adrian Thatcher so eloquently writes, The Word was made of flesh and blood, not ink.
Hundreds of theologians have convinced themselves that when they read the Bible, it speaks to them. They “listen” and, of course, “obey”. But the Bible does not “say” any­thing. That is a locutionary meta­phor. It is not a person. It lets itself be read. And to discern it, readers need the Spirit, who guides them into all the truth (John 16.13).

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