Wednesday, August 25, 2010



The numbers still have to be verified by Montpelier.

With 260 of Vermont's 260 precincts reporting, including 73,059 votes, Peter Shumlin won the Democratic gubernatorial primary on the strength of late-reported southern Vermont votes. His margin of victory is 178 votes, with all towns and cities reporting. Deb Markowitz finished 390 votes behind Shumlin. To request a recount, the margin for victory must be within 2 percent, which is true in this race.

Peter Shumlin - 18,244 votes (25.0%)
Doug Racine - 18,066 votes (24.7%)
Deb Markowitz - 17,854 votes (24.4%)
Matt Dunne - 15,100 votes (20.7%)
Susan Bartlett - 3,795 votes (5.2%)


When I left the Racine "victory" party at the Burlington Hilton at Midnight, the Vermont Democratic gubernatorial primary results were too close to call a winner. VPR reports they now have 100% or 260 of 260 precincts reporting: Peter Shumlin 18,239 25%; Doug Racine 18,057 25%; Deb Markowitz 17,579; 24% Matt Dunne 15,100 21%; and Susan Bartlett 3,791 5% No numbers are official until the ballots reach Montpelier where they'll be counted by the state for the last time. That could take up to a few days.

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