Monday, January 1, 2007

$200 a Day, Plus Expenses

Happy new year to all the readers of BI. Call me a stay-at-home, but I don't normallly celebrate NYE. I'm sure some Burlingtonians enjoyed First Night, but all the festivities seem hyped to the extreme. (Don't get me started on the media's year-end reviews and stupid advice for resolutions.)

Last night I was with a good a friend - a collaborative cooking effort. I've always been a fan of the pop culture of the seventies – music, movies, television series - and by luck, recently discovered Netflix had the the fab 1970's Rockford Files 1st and 2nd series episodes. So my friend and I watched Jim Rockford, "Rocky," and Dennis Becker- with 'breaks' for dinner and dessert - until it was nearly midnight.

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