Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Throw Da Bums Out!

NEWSFLASH: All seven Burlington City Council seats up for re-election will be contested in the city-wide election on Town Meeting Day, March 6. And you can be sure the Burlington/Vermont bloggers and local media will cover the races. Charity or Haik can correct me (they have lived here longer than I have), but I reckon that most of the incumbents have run campaigns unopposed. I know Ashe has. So I'm delighted to see a challenge! It's better for democracy, whomever you vote for - at least we have a concerned citizen running for office. So in what would have been the usual relatively boring off-year city council election, apart from the 9/11 referendum ballot question, we've got some interesting candidates running for council and inspector of election! The incumbents have been around too long (no, I'm not advocating term limits), but - indeed - the current crop of incumbents this term should be booted out by the voters. They've become a nondescript buncha do-nothings, too much part of the officialdom of Burlington. Some of the challengers I know personally and their creativity and committment to our city would add a much better mix to the council.

She's Right (Thank you Charity!) lists the candidates by ward - There is great news in the Free Press this morning for Burlington voters. There are contested city council races in all seven wards!!

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  1. I agree with you that the councilors who have been there for many terms need to be replaced with new people. I only hope there are enough Burlington voters that agree!


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