Tuesday, April 24, 2007

David Swanson in Impeachment

Related to the Emergency Action on Impeachment in Montpelier on Wednesday, 25 April....

Here's an answer to Vermont House Speaker Gaye Symington's view that impeachment diverts from ending the war, written by David Swanson, Director of After Downing Street, a national organisation promoting impeachment:

The president and vice president have made clear that they will not end the war while in office and will disregard anything Congress does to end the war. Congress has made clear that it will not attempt anytime soon to use the power of the purse to end the war. When Congress moved toward the impeachment of Richard Nixon, it developed the nerve to end the Vietnam War; and it was the pressure of the looming impeachment that led Nixon to back off on continuing the war.

In the case of Bush and Cheney, the benefits to the antiwar movement of an impeachment movement are likely to be greater because the impeachment will be about the war and about crimes that the administration has attempted to justify in the name of the war. Investigations of these crimes by Congress have arrived at an impasse. The administration is refusing to comply with subpoenas and refusing to answer questions when testifying under oath. The current Supreme Court provides no way out of this threat to our constitutional republic.

Impeachment is the only tool we have left. Impeachment has the potential of not only ending this war but also off reversing the militarism and imperialism that are driving our nation ever more rapidly into additional wars.

We lost the vote, but we won because our voice was heard around the world. I got emails today from friends and family as far away as The Netherlands and Wales. The movement is growing. Vermonters should be proud!

Answers to all objections are here.

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