Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't foul the Waterfront

Indeed, as you will read below, the worms have come out of the woodwork - the Mayor, CEDO, and City Council don't have a clue about what the people want. So the fearless citizen Waterfront Watchdogs have been forced to stand up for the real people and petition the city to put the demolition of Moran Plant on the March 2008 election ballot.

Burlington, VT -- April 19, 2007 -- Waterfront
Watchdogs Loyal Ploof and Owen Mulligan received word from the Clerk/Treasurer’s office that their ballot question regarding the demolition of the Moran Plant was approved for petitioning.

The question will appear on the March 2008 Annual City Election ballot if at least 1,300 signatures are gathered before the end of January of 2008. The question will read, “Shall the voters urge the Mayor and the City Council to have the Moran Plant completely demolished and to begin the project no later than June of 2009 so the site can be utilized as a multi-use public park?”

“I’m appalled that the mayor’s office is not listening to the people and that the people once again have to lock horns with the city to get their voice heard,” said Loyal Ploof in response to yesterday’s Free Press article on Mayor Kiss’s redevelopment plan.

According to a ballot survey from March 2006, 86% of the voters prefer a waterfront park and 55% prefer to remove the Moran Plant building. Only 34% of the voters prefer to have the building refurbished.

“I believe the ballot survey results from last year support our ballot initiative” said Owen Mulligan who also noted that, “The demolition of the Moran Plant would cost dramatically less than the Mayor's proposed redevelopment plan. The mayor conveniently fails to mention this. ”

The Waterfront Watchdogs will begin petitioning immediately and encourage Burlington residents to voice their concerns to the mayor and the city council.

Waterfront Watchdogs was founded by Burlington residents concerned about the overdevelopment of the waterfront. Waterfront Watchdogs is a political action committee (PAC).

Why demolish the Moran Plant?

The Moran Plant is an eye sore and takes away from the aesthetic beauty of the waterfront. The Moran Plant is also an environmental hazard and its infrastructure contains many hazardous materials including chrysotile asbestos and lead. The demolition of the Moran Plant is estimated to cost over $2 million, but the demolition would cost dramatically less than the Mayor's proposed redevelopment plan which would have to include clean up costs to remove contaminants. We say demolish the Moran Plant and then examine multiple uses as a public waterfront park.

Why a multi-use public park?

The Moran Plant is on Public Trust land and Under Public Trust, there is no opportunity for commercial development: the use must be shown to have public benefit. Specifically: “indoor or outdoor parks and recreation uses and facilities including parks and open space, marinas open to the public on a non-discriminatory basis, water dependent uses, boating and related services” The ballot survey in March of 2006 clearly shows the voters prefer a waterfront park. Multiple uses could be easily incorporated in the future as voters see fit such as a home for the Community Sailing Center, restroom facilities, park benches and picnic areas.

The future of the Moran Plant is in our hands. Help gather signatures from legal Burlington voters: download a petition

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  1. Another park? Seems like just another place for men to flash unsuspecting park visitors.


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