Monday, April 16, 2007

Greens call for diplomacy in Persian Gulf

OTTAWA - At the initiative of the Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Elizabeth May, the Canadian and U.S. Green Parties are jointly calling for a comprehensive and open dialogue to stop the escalation of tension in the Persian Gulf.

The escalating tension, combined with suggestions the U.S. may have a war plan that includes targeting Iran 's nuclear facilities, led the Green Parties of the U.S. and Canada to state today that nuclear facilities should never be targeted for deliberate attack.


  1. Greens,
    True, it is vital now to oppose the
    policy of violence that the Federal
    Government is implimenting
    regarding Iran at the behest of
    AIPAC and I$rael...We must not
    allow America to be just a weapon
    of hegemony...


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