Thursday, August 7, 2008


The Nation magazine has an open letter to Barack Obama. It's a chicken-shit stupid letter, signed in desperation by some liberals, that begs the "candidate for change" to listen to them (as his "center" swerves evermore to the right).

Richard at American Leftist writes:
In such circumstances, it is an act of public humiliation to place one's name on this letter. One gets the impression that it serves the purpose of providing political cover for the signatories as much as it does the goal of attempting to persuade Obama to alter his political program. By signing the letter, they are able to continue to say, Vote Obama, while simultaneously distancing themselves from anything that he does.

Such behaviour reminds me of how congressional representatives Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey, Maxine Waters and Diane Watson did something similar when they expressed their personal opposition to the war in Iraq while rounding up votes for House passage of continued funding of it. It is bad enough when we must deal with politicians who relate to us cynically, but it is even worse when some of our most prominent and highly respected social figures emulate and empower them.
The voters will get what they deserve anyway, come November. The current Democratic leadership makes a mockery of democracy.


  1. The letter is anything but "chicken shit." It is both a threat and a warning.

    The signers are threatening to withhold support to Obama if he continues to lurch to the right. More importantly, the letter warns Obama that his political base will lose interest with his candidacy if he continues betraying them.

    The wording is self-consciously polite, but that doesn't make it any less politically aggressive.

    The warning is certainly valid. Many of his strongest supporters online now are devoting more energy to criticizing Obama than to supporting him.

  2. libhom, points taken. I just don't think that Obama and the people that surround him will listen. The letter was polite, but in a groveling manner. People "hope" he will "change," and call me cynical, but for me that's not good enough.


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