Wednesday, August 20, 2008



I stopped by the local downtown Borders bookstore today, looking for the newly published paperback edition of Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine. The store clerk told me it was in stock and he directed me to the proper shelf. Well, it wasn't there. Lo and behold, he checked the inventory and found that all the books had been sold. "We had a run on the hardcover, too," he told me. I ordered the book.

So, I'm gazing over at a display of books ("Read These Books Before You Vote," the sign said) and found the usual Republican and Democratic crap. (Amazingly there were a lot of what-looked-like conservative books displayed; this, in a so-called "socialist" town.) I told this nice clerk man that he really should have Dennis Perrin's Savage Mules on display as a MUST READ, too. (Check out Christian Avard's HuffPost review here.) I 'splained a bit about the book's premise and he checked to see if there were any in stock (there was one copy). "I'll order more copies," he said as he clicked the appropriate screens on his computer right there in front of me. Coolio, dude! Apparently he had the authority to order the book, so I thanked him heartily.

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  1. "Turning capitalism against itself", we could say of your fortunate action...


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