Friday, August 1, 2008


Michael Colby - in a meandering post [Broadsides] observes
And about how new enthusiasts of the “eat local” movement are now hiring their own gardeners to come and plant gardens in their yards so that they can score one of those coveted “win-win” situations by both eating local and not getting dirty (or working, for that matter). Oh, Wendell Berry, you were right: “Movements kill everything.”
Does this mean that the patrons of the Progre$$ive Market in Burlington will hire out?


  1. Jay,
    It's true that the Progre$$ive movement is not, and never was, a "workers'" movement. It's far too upper (middle?) class for such things as the labor you describe. Those of us who grew up in the Irish ghettos (what else to call them?) around New York City can see that immediately, as can you from your world-wide residences in the past.
    Also, on the issue of local goods/services: We have launched a new vehicle to facilitate local exchange outside the currency/usury economy in Burlington. This is strictly barter and gift, with an opposition to capital. More info on the Guild Of Natural Economics at

  2. Hey Jay,

    Thanks for the plug. And thanks for "getting it" and calling it what it was intended to be: a self-obsessed meandering piece of -- mostly -- fiction.

    I'm more convinced than ever that Vermonters have lost their sense of playfulness.

    Oh, Snarky Boy, come back to me. I'm ready to play again.

    I hope you're well.

    -- Michael Colby


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