Monday, January 26, 2009


Some further background to this story.

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  1. Hey Jay, with all the demos, occupations and now it going to the trust it isn't dead yet (hopefully).

    People can write to

    to tell the BBC trust what they think and it might with enough pressure stop their appalling behaviour-

    "In the case of appeals against the Director-General's decision not to broadcast the Disaster Emergency Committee Gaza Crisis Appeal on the BBC, appeals to the Trust will be considered in the first instance by an ad hoc committee consisting of Richard Tait (Chairman of the Trust Editorial Standards Committee), Chitra Bharucha (Vice-Chairman of the BBC Trust and Chairman of the Trust General Appeals Panel), and Sir Michael Lyons (Chairman of the BBC Trust). Richard Tait will chair the committee, which will make recommendations to the full Trust for final decision. The decision to hear these appeals via an hoc committee reflects the probability that appellants will raise a range of issues, which may cut across the Trust's usual complaints handling boundaries.
    The Trust will deal with this matter speedily – while also ensuring that those who wish to appeal have an opportunity to do so and that all sides, including the Executive, are given a fair hearing.
    The appeals process involves a number of steps. These are:
    Receiving the appeals
    Summarising their contents to ensure that all relevant issues raised are considered by the Trust
    Receiving a response from the Executive to the points raised by appellants
    Presenting this with appropriate legal advice to the committee
    Final consideration by the full Trust.
    The decision of the Trust will be posted on the Trust website."

    BBC Trust Statement on the DEC Gaza Appeal


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