Saturday, January 3, 2009


A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage – Herbert Hoover
TIMES ARGUS January 3, 2009
BERLIN – Say goodbye to "Food Stamps." Say hello to "3Squares VT."

The well-known Food Stamp program got a new updated name Friday, and Vermont Gov. James Douglas was on hand for the launch, standing in front of three tables of food at Shaw's Supermarket Friday afternoon. The state's expanded nutrition program was symbolized by the display of foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner, underscoring the new name and "3Squares" focus on healthy eating.

Enrollment in the program currently stands at 31,000, or more than 12 percent, of Vermont's approximately 250,000 households. Those households represent more than 61,000 individuals in the state.
Good that the program is being expanded. The Douglas admin claims the new name gives emphasis to good nutrition. My guess it's a move away from the stigma of applying for food stamps. "I'm off to the store for my 3 Squares." I think these new-fangled names just confuse people. Vermonters just want a program that works.

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