Friday, January 16, 2009

REMINDER: March in Burlington Against Attacks on Gaza this Saturday - forward widely


Meet Saturday, January 17th, 11:30 AM in front of City Hall to gear up for a demonstration and march beginning at noon. Help carry huge, striking Bread & Puppet banners and figures.

Arrive at noon for the march and demonstration.

Join Vermonters and people around the world to protest the occupation and bombings of Gaza, which have killed over 750 Palestinians and injured over 3100 (as of January 9) [now over 1,000 fatalities!]. Hospitals in Gaza have little to no medical supplies and they are overflowing with victims of this humanitarian crisis. Food and water are in extremely short supply due to the blockade Israel has imposed on the people of Gaza. The United States government is complicit in this brutality, supplying military aid to Israel and endorsing Israel's actions. The bombings and killings must end! End the violent blockade and occupation of Gaza immediately!

- Israel must end the occupation and bombing of Gaza immediately,
- Stop the violence in the Middle East and end the embargo on Gaza
- The US government must end all military aid to Israel
- Israel must observe international law
- We demand that Senator Leahy, Senator Sanders, and Rep. Welch
denounce the occupation and bombing of Gaza

Sponsors: Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel,
International Socialist Organization, American Friends Service
Committee, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Iraq
Vets against the War, Pax Christi Burlington, Peace and Justice Center

For more information contact S'ra at or 324-3073


  1. Well, once again this action is a mess behind the scenes! The AFSC has threatened to withdraw if Israel is "insulted" or Hamas is not criticized for its rocket attacks...Leas and Estrin are arguing over the "demands", and Ashley Smith has ordered the ISO to bring "their own message" (who knows what that will entail!). It should be interesting. Hopefully everyone will remember the real reason for all this: the bombs/napalm continues to fall, and Israel is responsible...
    -Patrick Stanton

  2. the usual assholes...thank God I'm not gong...


  3. I'm not going, either. Hopefully everyone will remember the real reason for all this: the bombs/napalm continues to fall, and Israel is responsible...

    They won't. I've been disillusioned by that shit (e.g. the Greens stupidity).

    I don't have much faith in these kinds of demonstrations any more. I have written our VT congressional delegation to complain about their votes in support of Israel's occupation and siege.


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