Thursday, June 28, 2007

Concert for Diana

A concert for Diana, Princess of Wales, is planned for Sunday, July 1 in London. Isn't she dead, yet?

Clearly the Wembley concert is just an excuse for Harry and Wills to throw an extravagant shindig. And we all know that's right up Elton John's alley...

Come to think of it, half the aristocracy have been up Elton's alley.


  1. Oh dear oh dear, do you think the rottweiler has been invited by the way? Seems she's been some royal pain in the behind from the beginning..:o)

  2. Grapje, eh?

    Check out the Concert for Diana thread of the British Royals Message Board for up-to-the-minute coverage of the event! You'll also find on that site a link to the Benelux Royals Message Board. :-P

  3. She cannot be killed! Zombie Princess (but a very fashionably dressed zombie, very this season dahling).

  4. RickB, cheers, m8. You crack me up!


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