Thursday, April 17, 2008


Prince Maurits celebrates his 40th birthday today.

Quotes from his Telegraaf interview (translated by Joris in the BRMB)
About living under a looking glass:
"As a member of the Orange family you must remain close to yourself. When there is such a continuous attention on you there is the danger of drowning."
About anniversaries. Party time?
"We will surely have a party. Although this 40 years milestone doesn't anything special to me. We will just give a "lekker" (= cool) dance party. Life passes quickly, one should celebrate the moments when things go well."
"I feel relaxed in Amsterdam, whevever I am. At school there is a mix of [children of] people both with a moderate income as well as millionaires. But one cannot see the difference! They all come on their bikes bringing their kids. And nowhere you can a drink on an outdoor terrace or have a dinner out like here. And there is only one Albert Cuyp." [daily market]

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