Monday, December 22, 2008


She supported Hillary Clinton - the woman's woman candidate - in the presidential primary, and after HRC lost to Obama, she pushed for Hillary to be SoS. Since Hillary will probably get the job at State and leave the Senate, Kunin is pimping for Caroline Kennedy - another woman of privelege - to become the junior senator from New York. John Odum writes
So Kunin's "good argument" is threefold:

1. Kennedy's a woman (which apparently isn't enough for Kunin to argue on the behalf of Carolyn Maloney or Kirsten Gillibrand, to whom she offers only a perfunctory collective reference).

2. Kennedy is rich.

3. Kunin's perceived public need to enforce affirmative action among the Kennedy family itself.

I hope somebody has got a more sapient argument on Kennedy's behalf than this.

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