Sunday, December 7, 2008


Letting the good times roll is no longer the case in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has long been famed for its relaxed approach to prostitution and soft drugs, making the Dutch city one of the most popular destinations for tens of thousands of Britons on stag and hen parties.

But all that may be about to change. As part of a major 'clean-up' of the city centre, the local authorities yesterday unveiled plans to close half of the brothels and the little coffee shops where cannabis can be bought and smoked, prompting warnings that they will cost the city dear as visitors head elsewhere... Read the rest here.
The city centre is too crowded. To dissuade motorists from driving into the city, the authorities have imposed a € 5.- per hour on-street parking fee. (Bring back the Provo's White Bicycle Plan?) RNW has an earlier story on how A'dam is becoming a provincial backwater. I was last in A'dam in April. Rarely do I venture into the centre and explore areas in the South and Jordaan.

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