Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The Burlington intifada against Burton Snowboards continues.

In Sydney an Australian artist has designed a line of 30 Islamic surfboards to bridge the cultural and religious divide in that country. Burton could take the lead in America and develop similar designs for snowboards. Now wouldn't that just please all those overparenting moms & dads in Burlington - progressive diversity-lovin' Al-Jazeera watching boarders - who were pissed off mightily about the Playboy bunnies? Redemption for bad-neighbor Burton, finally?! But wait, the Defenders Council of Vermont and zionists in South Burlington would have a field day.


  1. What a great article on over-parenting...good link. I see some of these kind of parents from time to time and they really make me sick.

    I'd like to take the Burton protesters and lock them up at Guantánamo. That would really make my day.

  2. That's a bit harsh. Everyone has their reasons, but it's all been over-the-top, I think. There are vastly more important things to worry the citizens of Burlington at the mo'.

    If you read the linked My Turn in my post above... yes, the writer is trying to be conciliatory, but these protesters seem to want to push, push, push this thing as far as it'll go.

  3. I don't believe it's too harsh. They really need to be shipped there and locked away.

  4. Some people seem to need to bring religion into everything.


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