Thursday, December 11, 2008


Thursday 11 December 2008

Actress and animal rights activitist Pamela Anderson, in Amsterdam to open this year's Miljonair Fair, has written to queen Beatrix urging her to turn her attention to the plight of farmed mink, reports the Telegraaf.

'Nothing is less sexy than a fur coat,' Anderson wrote. 'I hope my appearance at the Miljonair Fair will help people to realise you can create a look that kills without murder and that no-one should support gassing, strangling or electrocuting animals. Especially not for a luxury item.'

The Miljonair Fair is a trade show for luxury goods that takes place every year in Amsterdam.

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  1. Ms Anderson, of course, is writing to the wrong person, but she's a celeb who's no stranger to publicity. Most likely she will receive a letter:

    Dear Ms. Anderson,

    On behalf of Her Majesty The Queen I have the honour to inform you that your letter has been received in good order.

    Considering the contents of your letter, it has been sent to the ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fishery with the request to take care for a proper handling.



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