Friday, March 23, 2007

Burlington Voter Power 2006 General Election Report

I serve as Secretary of Burlington Voter Power, a local voter outreach organization. It has just released its 2006 General Election Report. --

Burlington Voter Power (BVP) conducted a total of 19
voter registration drives beginning in May of 2006 and
ending in October of the same year.

Voter registration drives were conducted at the Post
Office on Elmwood Avenue, the City Market, the Church
Street Marketplace, Community College of Vermont
(CCV)and Burlington High School.

A total of two hundred twenty-nine (229) Burlington
voters were registered with two hundred twenty-eight
(228/99%) of those being successfully added to the
official City of Burlington checklist.

One hundred seventy-seven (177/78%) of the voters
registered by BVP turned out to vote for the November
2006 General Election held on Tuesday, November 7th,
while fifty-one (51/22%) did not.

BVP printed brochures and created a website: to help educate
voters about their voting rights and other information
such as location of polling stations, voting by
absentee ballot and so on.

BVP also conducted get-out-the-vote calls on the
Tuesday before the election and mailed
reminder-to-vote postcards to those that registered
with BVP without a phone number.

Report Summary:

19 voter registration drives over a six month period
229 Burlington voters registered
228 voters added to Burlington’s checklist (99%)
177 voters registered by BVP cast a vote (78%)

Please consider a financial donation to help
Burlington Voter Power continue voter outreach efforts
for future elections. Burlington Voter Power is a
non-partisan domestic non-profit corporation certified
by the office of Secretary of State.

Donations of $5, $10, $25, $50, or more will help BVP
print more “Voting in Burlington” brochures and
continue to offer voters an informative and up-to-date

Please send your donation made payable to Burlington
Voter Power to:

Burlington Voter Power
P.O. Box 64771
Burlington, VT 05406

Thank you,
Owen Mulligan


  1. This is great, I live in Burlington and am already registered but their website is well done. I'll send a check for $ten.

    Thank you for the post and keep up the good work!!

  2. Of course, the SoS in Montpelier encourages these efforts, but it's all centralised there. Vermont's SoS office has received funds under the "Help America Vote Act of 2002," but I'm going to phone them to ask why it's all controlled from there and not distributed to groups like ours.


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