Thursday, March 29, 2007

We all scream...

Check out Burlington Pol's recent & amusing A quick story about Texas --

I lived in Austin, Texas in 1997 and 1998. While there I worked for a small, upstart ice cream company called Amy’s. My job was to make ice cream. So one day Amy and I were chatting, and noting I was from Vermont, she mentioned her dealings with Ben and Jerry’s.

You see at that time Amy had about five shops in Austin and San Antonio, but she wanted to start selling pints of ice cream in stores, too. She told me that Ben and Jerry had stopped that from happening by threatening to pull their business from all of the area companies with refrigerated trucks if they distributed for Amy.

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Reading Haik's story, I had a Proustian moment.

As a kid growing up in the New York City suburbs, a trip to the city & Schrafft's- and their truly exotic ice creams - was a treat. After graduating from university, I moved to Houston. What do I miss most about Texas? Houston's Goode Company BBQ ? Nah. It's Spring, so I think of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and I get a hankering for a pint from that lil creamery in Brenham. Now that's truly Texan. Amy's may be based in Austin, but she's just an upstart who moved there from the Everglades. Ben & Jerry's --I'm not surprised at its treatment of Amy's in Austin. It's now owned by an Anglo-Dutch company fo'cryinoutloud! So, whaddya expect?!? The closest approximation in Vermont to my fave Texas ice cream is locally made in the Champlain islands: Island Homemade Ice Cream. I discovered it at the Burlington Bay Market creamee stand on Battery, at the intersection with College Street. Dee-lish!

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