Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Time for Impeachment, Mr Welch

Attention grabber, innit, Mr Welch?

As fucking if our esteemed Congressperson Welch (and his D cronies - independent Sanders is a member of the Democratic congressional caucus - in the Vermont delegation) should listen up.

Mr Welch, why don't you have the cojones to get on board with your colleague, Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio)?

Thanks to RickB/Ten Percent for the transcript of the video --

Rep. Dennis Kunich (D-OH)- My fellow Americans. We are in an interesting condition in this country, where we are told to take impeachment off the table, and keep on the table a U.S. military attack against Iran.

This really calls for a new thinking. It calls for us to reconsider very deeply the moment that we’re in – where our Constitution is being trashed, where international law is being violated, where our hopes and dreams for the education of our children, for the health of our people, for housing, for our veterans, are being set aside as we go deeper and deeper into war.

We need a whole discussion in America. And with your help, we’re about to have one.

This past week, in the Congress of the United States, I noted that the administration has threatened aggressive war against Iran. This is a violation of the UN charter. Charters are treaties. Article 6 of the Constitution of the United States says that treaties are the law of our land, the supreme law of our land.

It’s illegal to threaten aggressive war against another nation. Iran has no ability to attack us. And they do not have the intention to attack the United states.

We are at a moment in human history where we have to make a decision whether we are going to go deeper into war, or whether we are going to take a stand on behalf of peace.

I determined a long time ago to take that stand on behalf of peace. And I want to enlist you and enroll you in taking that same stand.

We cannot let this administration go any deeper into this journey, into destroying democratic governance, trashing our Constitution, forgetting the very purpose of this nation. America was never meant to be a nation forever on the warpath. It was meant to be a nation which also had the capacity to “Promote the General Welfare.”

We need to reevaluate the direction of this administration by looking at its conduct in office, by determining whether it has faithfully followed the laws of our nation.

I’m prepared to start that process. I began this week with a speech on the floor of the house, which warned the administration that its actions toward Iran already constitute a case to ask the question about impeachment.

So I’m asking you, what do you think? Do you think it’s time?

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Thanks to RickB at Ten Percent for the go girl photo.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by, if only there were more pols like Kucinich (I've just noticed I spelt his name wrong at the beginning, it's now corrected, but you have the wrong version, apologies to Dennis!). If you don't impeach a president for lying a country into war what can you impeach him for? (oh right a blow job).


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