Saturday, March 10, 2007

Daylight Come Harry Belafonte at 80

BBC World Service - Harry Belafonte talks to Stephen Evans on The Interview.

I recommend you listen to the whole interview. It's brilliant. He certainly has not sold out his humanity. He praises Fidel Castro, of course. Says he knows him well and has had heated debates with him. Of course, but I daresay, Habañeros don't get that chance.

BBC News - Harry Belafonte at 80 has a real story to tell.

He dismisses the appointment of Condoleezza Rice and before her, Colin Powell, to positions of genuine power in George W Bush's administration.

He has described them as "house slaves", and doesn't feel their presence has helped his cause in any way.

"He puts them there in the service of power. They are quite powerless - powerless - powerless," he says.

"They are extensions of George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice is revered nowhere. She has influence over a nothingness."

Does she not make even one millimetre of difference, I asked. "She makes a difference for the worse," Belafonte replied.

Harry Belafonte, despite the rhetoric, does not come over like an ideologue but as a man with righteous anger. He's open to argument. His mind remains alert and curious. Intelligence, curiosity and openness to argument shine out. He's up for disagreement and debate.

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