Thursday, March 8, 2007

Such a wonkish crime

God help us. Not only is it silly, but such a diversion. Not to rain on Jeralyn's and Jane's parade (liberal Democrats of firedoglake kind frothing at the mouth over Fitz!), but here's....

Martin Wisse - The Scooter Libby trial was about the least important of the crimes the Bush administration has committed, just like the "cash for honours" scandal is about the least important of Blair's crimes, but they are also the only crimes recognised as such by the political establishment and the media in both countries. It has always been that way; Nixon stumbled over Watergate, a tawdry coverup of a failed burgle attempt, not over waging a secret war against Cambodia and Laos.

The opposition, such as it is, in both countries is loath to attack the government on the real crimess because they're just as complicit in them and/or want to be able to pursue similar policies once they're in power. Hence the focus on wonkish, minor crimes rather than the reality behind those crimes.

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