Friday, August 24, 2007

A Scary Thought

Edger has had a diary up on Talk Left for a while, take a look: George W. Obama or Hillary R. Bush?
You are being played again.
They are counting on getting your vote by default
, because they know that people are afraid that if they DON'T vote Democratic EVEN if the Democrats will not end the occupation they will end up with the rethugs back in power.

Remember all the fearmongering that Bushco did? The Democrats are now using it against you.

BUT, if they are elected next year in spite of that fact that they continue the occupation... WHAT DIFFERENCE is there between them and the rethugs?

What difference? NONE. It won't be any different from electing rethugs.

In other words by electing the Democrats next year out of fear of the rethugs, even if the Democrats won't end the occupation, EFFECTIVELY the country will have re-elected rethugs (called democrats).

As former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, speaking in Burlington last night, said, "Follow the money," and look at the policies. From her 7D interview:

S[even]D[ays]: How would you describe the state of the Democratic Party today?

C[ynthia] M[cKinney]: The Democratic Party has left many of its voters behind.

SD: The Republican Party?

CM: The Republican Party has left many of its voters behind.

SD: What is your view on the role of third-party politics?

CM: I’m given the example of the Abolitionist Party that didn’t win a single election but was right on the issue of slavery and affected the course of American politics for the better. Not many people at the time would have associated themselves with such a movement; of course that doesn’t mean that the abolitionist movement wasn’t necessary, and it certainly was right...

SD: Speaking of Bush, is there one word you would use to describe him?

CM: Impeachable.

SD: How do you feel he has handled the Iraq war?

CM: His first mistake was starting it.

SD: What would you have done differently?

CM: I would have changed the name and mission of the Department of State to the Department of Peace and eliminated war as any viable option for U.S. planners. The role and the mission of the Pentagon would change, too, for the promotion of our country as a responsible global partner and the peaceful protection of U.S. interests around the world. I would stop arms transfers and I would respect democratic elections. It is not just the Iraq war that Bush has mishandled. It is the American people and the legacy of our great country that has been mishandled by this presidency.

I used to be an active Democratic Party supporter, but now I'm a Green... the only viable peace party (the Dems are just as warmongering as the Rethugs).

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