Monday, October 27, 2008


Students at Amsterdam and Groningen universities are protesting against what they see as the erosion of modern language studies. Recent reorganisations at the literature departments mean modern languages are increasingly becoming part of broader study programmes.

The protest has the support of two well-known Dutch writers: Hella Haasse, who studied Scandinavian languages, and Arthur Japin who studied Dutch language. They have added their voice to a special website set up as part of a protest campaign launched last month by former Amsterdam University student Erik Schoonhoven and Jonathan Oudendijk who is currently studying Italian at the university.

They are protesting at what they see as a commercialisation of language studies... [more]
Read the Op-Ed piece (in Dutch) that Hella Haase, Erik Schoonhoven and Jonathan Oudendijk wrote for NRC Handelsblad on Erik's blog. Watch/listen to Erik explain their concerns here.

Join them to save the study of languages at universities: Red de Talen/Save the Languages (Dutch link.)

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