Thursday, October 23, 2008


LOCAL ACTIONS WORK! notes a letter today in the Burlington Free Press

Developers who live up to commitments

In the article about Burlington's Armory renovation ("Armory developer donates $100,000," Oct. 7), it was wonderful to read that Robert Miller, the project developer, has been so generous with his time and money.

Ironically, the story about his civic pride and charitable contribution reminded me of the Deslauriers/Westlake hotel and condos on Burlington's waterfront. In exchange for special treatment and permits for these high-end buildings, Westlake made promises to repay Burlington with affordable housing. Westlake managed to meet its commitment to the wealthy customers and pocket the sale price of these prime properties, but wasn't able to step up to the plate with payback for Burlington. Shame on the team from Westlake. And to Mr. Miller -- thank you very much. Maybe other people can learn from you.

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