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Thursday 30 October 2008

Barack Obama might be most Dutch people’s favourite to be the next American president, but they don’t know much about his policies, according to a poll in Thursday’s De Pers newspaper.

In total, 21,000 people took part in the survey, which was organised by tv show EenVandaag. The poll shows the Dutch think the Democratic candidate is more progressive than he really is, De Pers says.

For example, 78% think Obama is opposed to the death penalty, 62% think he supports gay marriage and 56% think he supports gun control. In fact, the paper says, Obama supports the death penalty and the right of individuals to own guns, and is against gay marriage [although he opposes an outright ban].

Some 75% of those polled support Obama as president.

Dutch politicians are also surprised where Obama stands on social issues, the paper said, particularly when it comes to gay marriage. ´He is against it?’ said Gerard Schouw, a senator for the gay-friendly party D66. ‘Okay, he is against gay marriage but not against gays,’ Schouw told the paper.

A survey conducted by Radio Netherlands earlier this week showed that 85% of Dutch expatriates and emigrants living in the US want Obama to win the race for the White House.

Three members of the young Socialists, in New York to campaign for Obama, told De Pers they describe themselves as ‘social democrats’. ‘ Socialists are something dirty here,’ said Astrid Benschop (18). ‘Sometimes they even run away, they are so shocked.’
The American stereotype about the Dutch is that they are progressive and tolerant, but that's not true if you follow current affairs in the Netherlands. But what's telling in this news report is how Obamamania has hit NL in much the same way that it has in the USA. Note how some liberals (a D66 senator, for example) in NL don't really know much about Obama's opinons. (The Dutch media are as much to blame as the American.) I daresay a lot of American voters who claim to be "progressive" have joined the Obama cult and don't really know what Barack Obama stands for or don't want to know.

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  1. Astrid Benschop (18). ‘Sometimes they even run away, they are so shocked.’

    I'm so tired of hearing this kind of crap being perpetuated about Americans. They run away? Nothing like a dose of exaggeration to start a person's day.


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