Monday, October 20, 2008


Screaming across the print edition of the Burlington Free Press
Burlington City Council likely to OK Moran deals
But wait.

They city council may likely agree on the MOU's tonight.

But it's not a done deal, is it?
The city will pay $58,533 as its share as well as the cost of any necessary "environmental remediation," and demolition work required to fit the building for the new tenants.

The MOUs also ask that each partner, including the city, have financing plans in place before the final development agreement is signed.

"What I'm going to be focusing on here on out is whether the city is going to be delivering on the financing on its own, without going back to taxpayers for a tax increase," [Council president Kurt] Wright said.

He said that while he supported the concept of the public/private redevelopment of the Moran plant in an extended Waterfront Park, it was always with the "caveat" that it not result in a tax increase.

"I would have to reassess," he said, "if they talk about another bond or a tax increase."
It ain't over. (Meaning, we shouldn't assume the outcome just yet.)

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