Sunday, October 12, 2008


LarryE at Lotus has a good post up about the joys of train travel and congressional approval to up the funding for Amtrak
"When you fly, you see clouds. When you drive, you see pavement. When you take the train, you see scenery."
This summer I took the train from Port Kent, NY to Syracuse. I hopped the ferry from the King Street dock in Burlington to Port Kent and walked up a rather steep hill (200m) to the simple train station and took the Adirondack, traveling right next to Lake Champlain (I could have dived right into the lake!) to Schenectady. Laid over there a few hours and took the Lake Shore Limited to my destination. Perfectly delightful trip. I met a retired DC couple en route to Montreal ("We take the train everywhere," they told me); a Japanese student returning to her graduate studies at Baylor after a summer train holiday to major East coast cities; a young woman Gothamite meeting her sister from Buffalo mid-way in Rochester for a weekend get-away; an Amish family returning to their home in central New York.

While chatting with a few of the friendly Amtrak staff, I learned there is
a move to extend the Ethan Allen Express from Rutland to Burlington. I sure hope so, but the train tracks are used for freight or are quickly being replaced by bike and hiking paths along scenic routes of central Vermont.

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  1. I figured it was you who left the good rating on that post. :-)


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