Friday, November 28, 2008


Episcopal Café is asking readers to participate in something called the Blog Reader Project Survey.
It will take about eight to ten minutes of your time.
What a come-on. Why not participate? It's easy peasy to take part in our rushed lives. So I left this comment:
Thought it would be harmless, so I started to do this "survey," but stopped at the passport question (do I have a current one?). Huh? What does that have to do reading a blog? This is no innocuous survey. You think it's not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion among your readers? Why would Episcopal Café support such an initiative? Very strange for a religious blog. Who is actually behind this "survey"? Did you do your research? I'm not usually paranoid, but I'm suspicious about the real purpose of these kinds of information gathering. I think you should re-think your participation. Sure, it's voluntary but this avid reader of the Café doesn't buy it.
The comments are moderated, so we'll see if mine is published. And I wonder what other readers of the Café think.


My comment was approved, with the following
Editor's note: The Blog Reader Project is well-known and widely respected throughout the secular blogosphere. It is used by all of the bloggers in the Advertising Liberally collective including the Peabody Award winning Talking Points Memo. The Cafe may, at some point, want to solicit advertising. Our preliminary research indicates that even seemingly Mom and Pop concerns want information above and beyond what Webalizer or Google Analytics can provide. Hence, the survey.
Peer-liberal blog approval or not, I find the potential use of it for advertising on the Café irksome. 'Tis the season to spend, after all. Why wasn't this stated in the 'invitation'? Does that matter to the readers? Apparently not, because people are admitting they've done the survey.

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