Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In today's Burlington Free Press:

Council wants more information on Cate affair
Several Burlington city councilors want more information about the firing and reinstatement of the city's waterfront director.

The Parks and Recreation Commission reinstated Adam Cate last week after the administration of Mayor Bob Kiss fired him following a prolonged investigation
But if you go to the last bit of the Briggs article, there's this:
Kiss said that while the process was lengthy, "time can't be the measure of a successful process." He added that the Cate suspension and investigation had been a personnel issue. He said it was "certainly not political."
C'mon, how disingenuous can he get! Whether good ol' boy or not, all government personnel issues - hiring and firing (or resigning) - whether federal, state or municipal, are 'political.' An uninformed public may accept Mr Mayor's explanation. Open and transparent government in Burlington still needs work. Surely Burlington citizens deserve as much information as possible about 'Categate.'

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  1. Every citizen embodied whether to a state or to a particular small group had a right to be informed what was happening. What kind of Mr. Mayor is that?!


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