Friday, November 21, 2008


Today, the much ado headline on NPR's World news site belies the actual facts: Iran Has Enough Uranium For Single Atomic Bomb, with the following "story"
The International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran has produced close to 1,400 pounds of low-enriched uranium. If that material were to be enriched further, experts say it would probably be enough to make a single atomic bomb. The achievement is largely symbolic at this point.
My emphasis in bold.

If you click "listen now" to Mike Shuster and Steve Inskeep, on today's Morning Edition, these words and phrases stand out:
"If that material were to be enriched, it would probably..."

"that sounds kind of frightening"

"largely theortetical"

"theoretically" [I counted that word used three times.]

"symbolic figure"

"If they so chose, they maybe could go on to enrich it in a bomb"

"a theoretical threshold"
But the general sense, very subtly presented, in their exchange is that Iran should not be trusted. Moon of Alabama blog gives some further examples of false, sensational reporting by the MSM.


  1. By NPR's standards I too can now reveal I have an atom bomb, I mean don't ask me to detonate it right away, I have to scrape all the radium off some old watches, swap if for uranium bought from lab supplies (a few hundred mail order deliveries later), then enrich that with multi million pound equipment then...ok I build the detonating device and get the explosive trigger...then I have to put it in a nice box and paint it red with "BOMB" written on it, then, I am good. Oh and also a timer or remote detonating device, don't want to have to stand next to it to press the big red button, d'oh!
    So watch out, I'm dangerous!

    Good to see the media learned from it's er 'mistakes' (like ickle kiddies getting some spelling wrong they were, bless) over Iraq...

  2. RickB: That is hysterical.

    By NPR's standards, I might have a 14 inch penis, and I theoretically could by a multimillionaire.

  3. Funny, RickB. I roared! :-P
    Thanks for the comments, guys.


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