Tuesday, November 4, 2008


FOR THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS, I've been phone banking for the Gaye Symington for Governor campaign and am impressed by Gaye's dedication to Vermonters and good government. If you remain uncertain, please take two minutes and read the column, "Courage Outside the Comfort Zone," found here.


  1. You're kidding, right? What a disaster of a candidate. What was your point in doing so? This woman walked hand in hand with the governor all through her term as speaker. Do you get the newspaper up there in Burlington?

  2. Actually, if you followed Gaye's career as speaker of the VT House (obviously you haven't, you fuckwit), she fought him tooth and nail on affordable housing and promoted alternative energy in our state. That's why I like her. Pollina's a comic book compared to Symington's encyclopaedia: he may be easy to read (read: too slick a politician), but she's a smart cookie, and that's why I supported her. Also, Pollina, out of expediency and his own agenda, made his support of that smooth talkin' boy Obama very public.

  3. She caved in to the governor at every turn and if you had been paying attention you'd have noticed. Ralph Nader would have you put in jail for supporter her.


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