Thursday, March 12, 2009


Joel Banner Baird in the Free Press:--The sudden departure of Vermont's home-town-styled Internet provider and Web host, Silicon Dairy, has a lot of folks puzzled.

And a lot of folks vexed. Overnight, many of its longtime and loyal clients lost Web sites, databases and email lists.

The evaporation of Silicon Dairy sounds out of character. Any clues?

What's surprising is that their clients stuck around at all. I speak from experience: Silicon Dairy's service sucked. Unprofessional. Inefficient. I dropped them over a year ago. Better service & rates elsewhere.


  1. Silicon Dairy has definitely left many local Vermont businesses and non-profits hanging dry. Eternity Web in South Burlington ( has been assisting non-profits and businesses restore their web site's, email and hosting services. You can read more directly at BFP:

  2. Michael Lannen, yes, I had Silicon Dairy hosting my business site and two non-profits I was involved with also used their services. Closing the accounts was a hassle; SD required request by letter, which was done, but not acted upon - drafts were drawn and it took action from our banks to stop it.
    There's going to be lawsuits, I imagine.

  3. There is a lesson here. Always have your own backups of your data.

  4. Hi Jay,

    Thanks for adding my comment.

    I feel that the state (Vermont) should start the process of creating laws against anything like this from happening. It is unimaginable how a company like Silicon Dairy can do this and get away with it!

    If you or anyone that you know of is in need of assistance, Eternity Web would be more than happy to help. We are providing free service to all non-profits affected by S.D. and we are offering discounted rates for businesses. You can learn more about us at


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