Monday, March 23, 2009


History was made today.

Vermont Public Radio:-- The Vermont Senate voted 26-to-four on Monday to approve a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage.

Supporters said the legislation is needed to provide same-sex couples with all the legal rights and privileges that heterosexual couples have.

If the bill becomes law, Vermont would become the first state in the country to adopt same-sex marriage without a court ordering it.

The legislation would go into effect at the beginning of September, and after that date, civil unions would no longer be available to same-sex couples.

Any civil unions issued over the last nine years would continue to be recognized by the state and civil union couples would have the option of getting a marriage license.

Windsor Senator John Campbell urged his colleagues to support the bill. Campbell said the time has come for Vermont to provide marriage equality to same-sex couples:

"To me I look at what marriage is is a commitment. It's about love. It's about if you choose to raise a family, how you raise your children. Marriage, to me, should be inclusive."

Campbell said he was dismayed that some opponents of the bill described same-sex couples as being immoral:

(Campbell) "And even one person went so far to say those people should be arrested because that lifestyle should be criminal. You know who those they people are? They are our policemen. They are our firefighters. They're teachers; they're garbagemen; they're the guy who plows the street. They are our children, our sisters, our brothers. That's what they are. They are human beings and as such and as it's said in this bill they should be treated equally."

An effort to place this issue in a nonbinding statewide referendum was defeated by a vote of 19-11.

The House Judiciary Committee is set to begin its review of the bill on Tuesday. The legislation could be on the House floor for a vote by the end of next week.

Vermonters: For many senators this was a difficult vote. Go here to find a list of senators to thank.

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  1. I'm against it, but to each his own.


  2. Anonymous from California
    Are the benefits the same for a civil union as stated? In California there not. Other states as well I am told. For instance the corporations do not offer major medical (expensive surgery and care) if you are not married. It is the marriage license that everything works off of. It is a binding legal contract that has evolved into the all encompassing document every company and government agency works with. If you don't have it you are treated as single and it cost you and your partner a lot of money in legal fees and separate medical coverage just to name two. If the civil union is identical to a marriage license I would be very surprised, the corporations have a bias in favor of marriage and a distain for any other union options. Check the corporate reaction to civil unions in your own work place and see if there is equal recognition in their policies.

  3. Jay I love you for real. This is Danny your long time friend. We all should have the right to marry...


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