Thursday, March 12, 2009


Exciting news from Owen Mulligan!

Today I spent over 5 hours editing my 1st film project Strange Intrusion with my editor Greg Tracy. We had been working on the editing of the film for the last several months. I am proud to announce that the film is finally done and ready for it's release on April 17th, 2009!!! The film will be aired before that date though on Vermont's channel 15...

Strange Intrusion will be distributed on the web by Green Comet Pictures, and Owen plans to enter it into film festivals.


  1. Green Comet Pictures is actually the distributing entity for the internet. It's an Owen Mulligan production...keeping the full copyright in my name. It will also be distributed offline in my name via film festivals and channel 15. Green Comet Pictures is just the web distributing platform.


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