Saturday, April 18, 2009

Raising the Prospects of Prosecution

From The New York Times

Representative John Conyers Jr., the Michigan Democrat who is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, on Friday raised the prospect of prosecuting senior Bush administration officials and Justice Department lawyers who authorized the harsh interrogations.

“If our leaders are found to have violated the strict laws against torture, either by ordering these techniques without proper legal authority or by knowingly crafting legal fictions to justify torture, they should be criminally prosecuted,” Mr. Conyers said in a written statement.

COMMENT: Looks like John is doing his job. Let's get moving! Jane Hamsher at FDL writes that Nadler is also pushing for a special prosecuter. She has a petition drive going, too:
We're also communicating with other organizations and coordinating a consolidated campaign to push for an investigation, and we'll be delivering signatures to the Justice Department calling for a special prosecutor (you can add yours here).
And there's a slim chance we may see thos Spanish indictments yet. Stay tuned!

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