Monday, April 27, 2009

The Prince of Orange celebrates his birthday amid abdication rumours

Prins Willem-Alexander (Foto: ANP)

Van harte gefiliciteerd! Happy Birthday! Again, there have been rumours that his mother will announce her abdication.

Beatrix was 42 when her mother Juliana stepped down in favour of her daughter.

The prince is spending his birthday at home with family and friends, the state information service RVD said. On Thursday he will join his mother and brother in Apeldoorn for the traditional Queen's Day celebrations.

Swedish royals

Rumours that Beatrix is poised to abdicate were driven by Nos tv's claim to extra broadcasting time last week, but that turned out to be for a programme about the Swedish royal family's visit.

'This is the third hype in the past four months,' an RVD spokesman told the AD. 'But there is nothing to report.'

When she does decide to go, Beatrix will make her decision known in the form of a televised address to the nation, the AD states. And insiders say she will wait until next year, after celebrating her 30th jubilee as queen.

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  1. April 27 has come and gone..."Sources" said Queen Beatrix would have announced her abdication on the prince of Orange's birthday, yesterday.

    Of course, the next wave of rumours will be: Queen Beatrix will announce her abdication after the Queen's Day parade in front of Queen Juliana's Soestdijk Palace. Yeah, right.

    - WA


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