Monday, October 12, 2009

Dutch Web Design: HEMA Humour!

It's making the rounds. A Dutch friend emailed me this link. Don't do anything (don't click on products). Just wait and see what happens. Very cool web design. It's obv the guy at HEMA has time on his hands, but he put it to good use!

I love HEMA, too! Even if I don't return to the US with anything from the store, I love spending an hour there just to look around and see what's new. But over the years I have purchased some really handy items. Usually practical stuff for the kitchen or bath.

I did a search on 24oranges blog posts on the HEMA. Which proves to me it's really a cool store. First up is their ad campaign for end of Ramadan; then their design contest campaign (nice!); and the Paris store {"the store Dutch expats miss the most"). But Americans would just not understand if HEMA opened up a store here.


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