Monday, March 23, 2015

Water in Palestine

Yesterday was World Water Day.  Today, Juan Cole has a report posted, Israeli control of their water a continuing threat to Palestinian Surely, important to read as I've always thought the control of water as a resource would reach crisis proportions in this century. It's happening now.

Water and Farming

Wendell Berry: As agribusiness replaces men with machines, the American landscape loses its stewards, and the culture they built.

Related: The California drought and the need to change the nation's food systems.


"My personal ideal of feminism is not one in which women of the ruling class have equal power with men of the ruling class, while poor men and women go to hell together. This is, however, because my ideal of feminism requires a general commitment to social justice and human dignity. A liberation which sets some women free to humiliate and exploit others is no liberation."  - D. A Clarke , Unleashing Feminism